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Dragon’s Dogma: Storyline Of The Upcoming Netflix Anime Series

Here is what we know about the story of Dragon’s Dogma!

Well, well, well, as all the people who have subscribed to the streaming giant Netflix must be well aware of the fact that the platform has now gone on to release a potential trailer for their upcoming animated series called Dragon’s Dogma. The plot of this show is going to throw the entire spotlight on the character of Ethan who goes on to seek revenge on a dragon who has destroyed his home.

Just from the trailer, we all can make out how much of a great story is brewed in this series along with the best action sequences. While witnessing the tale, we can all see Ethan going against some of the awful stuff and he is also going to come across some really terrible stuff on his journey.

Here is what the official synopsis of Dragon’s Dogma looks like!

The official synopsis of the series reads that after Ethan has lost his home to a dragon, he sets on a voyage to hunt this animal down once and for all so that it can not feed on any more homes. We will all witness that a pawn appears by his side while also serving as a means to protect his life.

But Ethan has no idea about what kind of dangers are in store for him at this path he has set for himself. The last was sort of a curious one because Netflix says that when a person fights a monster, there are chances that he might become one too.

Here is what the trailer of Dragon’s Dogma is like!

Well, as all you guys could make out that the story is quite similar to what happens in the 2012 video game of Capcom which has all developed something of a cult following. This game, Dragon’s Dogma, first came out back on Play Station 3 as well as Xbox 360, and later it all switched Xbox One and PS4 along with the Nintendo Switch.

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