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Doctor Who: We Rank The Seasons From Worst To Best

British science fiction series Doctor Who has been running successfully on the BBC for years. First seen on the BBC in 1963, after a successful run, the series premiered its last season in 1989. In 2005 BBC revived the series once again. Since its reboot, Doctor Who has aired twelve seasons. The latest season of the science fiction series premiered this year, and BBC has renewed the popular show for the next season. There is still time in the premiere of the next installment of Doctor Who. Till then, we would like to rank all the seasons of the science fiction show for you.

All 11 series of Doctor Who, ranked - from 2005 to 2018

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Ranking Of Doctor Who Seasons From Worst To Best

Series 8:

Series 8 of Doctor Who focused more on Clara, and there was little emphasis on the doctor. The dynamics between the duo was not good. They both were seen arguing with each other. The twelfth doctor could not solve many problems.

Series 11:

This series was more educational. The focus on the thirteenth doctor was little.

Series 6:

When the eleventh doctor came into focus, the story was not very intriguing. River Song’s character in the series was appreciated. Even though the overall plot of the series was dull, the characters of the series received praise.

Series 7:

The focus of the series was on Amy and Rory, and later on Clara. The series featured the eleventh doctor and had memorable moments. The enemies in this series were imaginative.

Series 2:

The episodes of the second series were interesting. The tenth doctor was a great character. He shared good chemistry with his companions.

Series 3:

The tenth doctor was a part of this season. The introduction of Master was an interesting track.

Series 10:

The tenth series was the last series of the twelfth doctor, who is considered an icon.

Series 5:

The eleventh doctor was introduced in this series. A lot of twists were seen in this series.

Series 1:

The ninth doctor is the popular doctor in the series, but he was a part of the show for a short time.

Series 4:

The chemistry between the Tenth Doctor and Donna won many hearts. Both of them made the fourth series worth a watch.

Series 9:

The ninth series of Doctor Who is the best series in the television show. The love story between the doctor and Clara shocked many.

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