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Doctor Who Season 13: Will The Show Release This Fall?

BBC’s Doctor Who has been running successfully on the television since 1963. The series ran from 1963 till 1989. After many failed attempts, the series was relaunched in 2005. The relaunched series has been doing well for the past 12 seasons. The fans of the show are early waiting for the thirteenth season of the hit series.

When Will The Thirteenth Season Of Doctor Who Release?

The work on the next season of Doctor Who has been affected due to the ongoing pandemic around the world. Recently, the creator of the relaunched series, Chris Chibnall revealed that he and his team are working on the Christmas special of the series. They are also working on the thirteenth season of the show. It is not known when the next season of Doctor Who will release as the production work has been hit due to the spread of coronavirus.

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Doctor Who Christmas special: will there be a festive episode in ...

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What Did Chris Chibnall Say About The Upcoming Season?

Chris Chibnall wrote about the upcoming season in Doctor Who Magazine. He wrote about the Christmas special episode Revolution of the Daleks. He said that the team is working remotely on the special episode. They are working from home and send in the work. For the upcoming Thirteenth season, Chibnall said that the writers and the producers are constantly exchanging text and voice messages. The story for the next season is taking shape. The writers are working on the script. The cast and crew of Doctor Who is yearning to get back on the sets.

The filming of the special episode had completed before the lockdown was enforced.

What Is The Premise Of Doctor Who?

Doctor Who follows a rouge time lord who is known as the Doctor. The origins of this doctor are not known. The Doctor stole a TARDIS from Gallifrey and fled. The TARDIS is a time machine. The Doctor travels across time and space. He tries to stop the evil from harming people or altering history. The Doctor always travels with a companion. The Doctor’s companions are usually human beings. He is fascinated with the planet Earth. He works with the international military task force called UNIT when Earth is threatened.

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