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Doctor Who: Production Details And Confirmed Air Date For Season 13

Here is what we know about the show called Doctor Who going to start filming once again for a new installment for BBC!

Well, ell, well, here is a piece of very delightful news for all the people who are in love with the series called Doctor Who because as of right now, a green light has been provided to the show to go on the set of production and get the cameras rolling for a fresh batch of episodes.

All this while, even Jodie Whittaker has returned to the production place in order to reprise the role of Time Lord once again and amuse all the audience who fancy this series. The whole cast as well as the crew is going to shoot a new adventure and this is going to happen in just a few weeks.

The shooting of Doctor Who’s next outing is going to be done at the same time it was initially intended to!

At this point in time, there was quite a lot of people who were very worried that performing the process of filming when the whole world is stuck in a pandemic that has been created by the fatal Corona Virus would have delayed the series of events.

Doctor Who | Time Lord Victorious release schedule - full list - Radio Times

Source: radiotimes.com

But surely we understand that BBC has made a vow to begin the production on the set before this year, that is 2020, ends. It should also be kept in mind that shooting will begin around the time that it was always planned.

Here is what a source of BBC has revealed about the production of Doctor Who!

A source at BBC has revealed valuable information to a fellow news media outlet called Radio Times saying that filming is still going to happen ahead this year as it was planned originally by the creators of Doctor Who.

This unknown guy also disclosed that the filming is starting in just a few weeks. This fact means that the reports which came out earlier saying that the series is going to get a release date delayed as late as 2022 were not necessarily true.

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