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Disney Plus Muppets: When The Show Likely To Arrive On Platform?

A piece of good news has arrived for all the fans who have enjoyed watching Muppet’s, earlier this year there were reports that mentioned that Disney was planning on reviving Muppets and it looks like they have taken action on it!

Here we will share all the details about the upcoming Muppets!

Muppet Show revival from Big Bang Theory creator is close to ...
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Recently Disney announced on their official twitter page about the upcoming Muppets show, they said ‘Lights! Music! Muppets! …Unscripted! Get ready to see your favorite characters like never before in #MuppetsNow, an Original Series, coming July 31 only on #DisneyPlus. #DisneyBundle’.

Yes, fans will be able to enjoy watching Muppets on Disney plus from July 31, 2020, so get ready as some of the old childhood memories are going to come back while we enjoy the upcoming Muppets!


Disney has not yet released many details about the upcoming revival of the Muppets, but we know that director Kirk Thatcher is going to be back on the project, Kirk has been working on the Muppets since the 1990s and he knows them the best.

Fans will see all of Jim Henson’s loved puppets, which includes Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Animal, Fozzie Bear, Rolf, Gonzo, and Camilla, we may also be able to see some new characters added to the list.

This time Muppets will be unscripted which ensures even more fun and laughter to the audience we will also see the Muppetsinteracting with celebrities and many more fun activities.

The show will include eighteen 10 minutes episodes and we are thrilled to hear this, we are excited to see what this new revived unscripted Muppets show has to offer!

That is all for today we will keep fans updated on the latest news about Disney’s Muppets until then continue reading with us!

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