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Disney+ Is Reportedly Developing A TV Series Based On Solo: A Star Wars

Here is what we know about Solo: A Star Wars story, which is currently in talks at Disney Plus!

Well, well, well, reports have now come out that Disney Plus is currently starting a discussion about a new Star Wars show which goes by the name Solo: A Star Wars Story. It will serve the task of being a spinoff series.

Back in 2018, when the second sequel to the Star Wars anthology film released in the theatres all around the world, it garnered a majority of positive responses from both the critics as well as the audience. Even the income it flooded in was excellent.

Here is why Lucasfilm has not yet even thought about a second project for Solo!

And as a result of this tale, Lucasfilm potentially ended the Star Wars Storyline, which lived for a small duration in time of standalone films. He then made up his mind to explore some new sorts of projects to leave no stone unturned in the galaxy which is far, far away.

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Well, the fact is very well known to all the fans of Star Wars that the film did not have a high income at the worldwide box office, but it surely did happen to gain a more substantial chunk of fan following over the last two years. This statement could be advised by a hashtag that is now going viral on social media platforms and says Make Solo 2 Happen.

Here is what the people who loved the first tale, Solo, think about a sequel!

It is unfortunate to come to acknowledge that Lucasfilm has yet not pulled the tugger on a project like this till this point in time. It has also been confirmed by Jon Kasdan, who is a writer that no followup of Solo has been put under the process of development this year at Disney Plus, or anywhere as a matter of fact.

As recently the news has come that the Zack Snyder Cut of Justice League is going to come out on the new HBO Max this year, the fans of Solo to have not given up on the idea of seeing Alden Ehrenreich portraying the role of the iconic smuggler just one more time.

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