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Dirty Money Season 3: Updates On Air Date, Story, Cast, And More

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Dirty Money is a series related to power, money, and politics have appealed to the audience. The series is presented in documentary format and was unexpectedly appreciated by a significant number of viewers. Online platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar, and others are in the race to release more content on the same. It’s no wonder that Oscar-winning documentary producer Alex Gibney produced it.


Its first season was highly appreciated not only by the public but also by critics. Based on a lucrative plot to show people’s greed for money and power, the Dirty Series itself earned a nomination for the Critics’ Choice Documentary Award.

The first installment aired on January 26, 2018, with a total of 6 episodes. The cast of the episode constantly changes throughout the episode, and everyone described their corporate embezzlement during an interview that described how they all managed to trick their corporation.

The Dirty money series has constantly occupied their land with tremendous emotions. Episode 6 of the first season attracted his attention as the theme of the episode was Donald Trump.

This series also shows the impact of money laundering and corruption on ordinary people.

The third episode revolves around Jared Kushner, who knows everything from real estate heirs to top advisers to his father’s president, Donald Trump. Journalists and housing advocates revealed his qualities, indicating that he took advantage of his political position.

The series is receiving a lot of positive comments, and that’s why people are waiting for season 3

Dirty Money Season 3: Release date

While corruption, scams, frauds make their presence felt in the newspaper every day, there is no shortage of material to make Dirty Money season 3. And that too when viewers like their previous season.

While in the second season released in March 2020, Netflix will take a while to issue a notification for the upcoming series. However, the new season is more likely.

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