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Dirty Dancing 2: Lionsgate Confirmed A Sequel In The Works With Star Jennifer Grey

Well, if you’re not having the best time of your life today, this exciting news may catch you right away. Dirty Dancing 2 has been confirmed to work on Lionsgate, and Jennifer Grey is on board to play Baby again. Lionsgate CEO John Feltheimer announced, with news from the studio, that John Wick 5 is happening and that the horror film Antebellum will no longer be released in theaters.

A few weeks ago, rumors of a dirty dancing sequel surfaced when Jennifer Grey signed on to star in and executive produce a mysterious dance movie with the same studio behind 2004’s Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. A detail that particularly caught the attention of fans was the setting for the anonymous movie in the ’90s. Just count the thirty-something years since Baby’s unforgettable summer at the Catskills Resort and above all.

Dirty Dancing sequel with Jennifer Grey in the works 33 years ...

sources: dailymail.com

Lionsgate Confirmed A Sequel In The Works With Star Jennifer Grey!

Jonathan Levin, 50/50 and Long Shot, the talented director behind the Seth Rogen films, is developing the project with his regular collaborator, Gillian Bohr. Mikki Destry and Tobias Iconis are working on the script for Dirty Dancing 2, the author of the five-year romance Five Feet and the Conjuring Universe horror film The Curse of La Alana. The announcement during a studio earnings phone call Thursday prompted Lionsgate CEO John Feltheimer to comment (via Deadline): It would be the same melancholic, romantic film that fans of the franchise had been waiting for and it earned it the title of the best-selling library in company history.

Other Details!!

The original Dirty Dancing was a huge success when it hit theaters in 1987, earning $ 200 million worldwide on a budget of $ 5 million. As the CEO said, Romance became the first film to sell more than 1 million copies on home video, prominently increasing the title’s widespread popularity. The film also won the Oscar for Best Original Song for “The Time of My Life”.

It’s too early to know anything about the details of Dirty Dancing 2’s plot, except that it will focus on Baby in her 50s. Maybe it’s about deciding to dance again years later? Jennifer Gray won the 2010 season of Dancing with the Stars alongside Derek Hof, so one could imagine learning more tricks. Jennifer Grey most recently starred in the 2014 and 2017 Amazon Prime comedy Red Oaks and was on three episodes of Grey’s Anatomy last year. Dirty Dancing was remade for television in 2017 by ABC, starring Abigail Breslin, an occasion Grey did not attend, respectively.

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