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Demon Slayer Season 2: When Will Fans Finally Witness Much-Anticipated Sequel?

Get ready to witness another Japanese animated drama on your screens soon. We are talking about Demon Slayer, which is soon to be back with its sequel. However, this time it would not be in the form of a series, and if you are furious to watch its second installment, then you have will have to wait for a year or more until the ongoing Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic comes under control.

Expected Release Date Of Demon Slayer Season 2

However, do not get too disappointed since a sequel to the first season, this time in the form of a film is all set to hit the big screens. So the Demon Slayer sequel would hit the theatres in October 2020, the exact date not yet revealed. Since we have a confirmed launch of the film, we would also confirm the exact date too.\

Demon Slayer Season 2
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Storyline Of Demon Slayer TV Show

Almost all of the Japanese manga anime dramas revolve around young children since they are specially curated for the young ones to take inspiration from and learn some ethical values along with entertainment.

This one, too is based on a young boy who was living a simple and satisfying life with his family on the hills. Until one day, he finds out that his entire family has been brought down to death by a demon, and his sister is now turned into a beast, but surprisingly, she still shows signs of human emotions and actions.

And now the boy has made himself a demon to avenge the murder of his family and on his quest to slaughter all the beasts that exist. If we anticipate what the upcoming flick will have for us, then it would be interesting to see how the young boy will perform and whether he would be successful in taking his revenge. Also, his sister, who is turned into a demon too, would be able to return to her human form or not.

Other Related Details Of Demon Slayer Season 2

Currently, the sequel film would be released only in Japan, and this, too depends on the situation of the pandemic till that time. Since we know that currently all the theatres and public places have been shut down to prevent the further spread of the deadly virus being a communicable one.

Japanese manga series really have some great and outstanding quality content residing inside them and no doubt why millions of copies of the same get sold out within such a short span of time. Almost all the online streaming platforms to are taking these anime dramas seeing the increasing demand they possess and attract the viewers to their streaming platforms.

Cast Of Demon Slayer Season 2

The cast would remain the same and it includes;

  • Tanjira Kamado,
  • Daisuke Hirakawa,
  • Akara Jito,
  • Natsuki Hanae,
  • Satoshi Hino along some new artists this time.
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