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Death Note Season 2: Will There Be A Second Season? And Other Important Updates

Will Death Note ever have a second season of the animated series for the fans?

Well, well, well, as all the people who are absolutely in love with the animated series called the Death Nite are also well aware of the fact that it has been over a decade since we saw a single episode of this drama. And since that point in time, fans have been speculating at the rumors that come out now and then, but right now, fans want to have cement information, and here we have it for you.

The show has been taken from the manga series, which is written by Tsugami Ohba, which goes by the same name. It first came out back in 2006 and aired on our television screen for a year and ended in 2007. The task of directing this project has been done excellently by director Tetsuro Araki who we can remember from other big titles like Attack on Titan.

Here is what the story of Death Note is all about!

The story of Death Note throws the entire spotlight on a character called Light Yagami. Lights a student in high school when one beautiful morning, he happens to come across a black notebook, and on its cover page, it was written Death Note. When he opens it, all the rules and instructions were provided. In short, this fatal notebook possesses the ability to kill anyone withing 60 seconds (or any manner you desire them to).

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Then we see our main guy going on to pull this killing stunt on all the serial killers and bad guys, and they start to die. Light gets corrupted by the powers provided to him by the Death Note and enters into a chase with detective L, who is given the work to investigate all the people who have been killed by Light.

Death Note 2 might not happen, and here are the reasons behind it!

Well, as all your fans might remember that Death Note ended on a note that told us everything. It means that there were no cliffhangers or no questions unanswered. It is also to be noticed that the content in all the 37 episodes covered the whole story, which was given in the mangas. Plus, it has been years since the first season came out, and the creators had ample time to renew it, but they did not, and thus, no thinks Death Note 2 will ever come out.

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