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Dark Army: Director Paul Feig Shared New Details For His Upcoming Monster Film

As everyone knows that the world of Universal Monsters has gone through various sorts of evolutions over the past decade.

Paul Feige is now disclosing to all the fans about his plans for the new project!

As of now, director of the upcoming tale, Dark Army, is offering new insight to the fans in the project and detailing how he aims to embrace the horror elements deep within all these monster movies, and Paul Feige still is going to bring plenty of humor as well as fun.

All the essential plot details have been kept under wraps by the filmmaker. Still, if we hear his tease about the overall tone of the movie, it sounds like it is going to be quite different from the other recent Universal Monsters films like Dracula Untold, The Mummy, or Invisible Man that released this year.

Here is all that Kevin Feige has revealed about his schemes for an upcoming monster movie, which will be fun according to him!

Fiege shared with Collider that tonally he is being very true to the traditional monster movie genre and not ‘horror movie,’ ‘monster movie’ because he loves those movies of the ’30s, the James Whale movies, [and]┬áBride of Frankenstein. At the same time, he still thinks it is one of the greatest films of all time.

He added that he wants that tone because those movies were entertaining, and they treated them severely. Still, we all also know they were also having a lot of fun with them, so there are a lot of extreme characters in them and funny side characters which are what he wants, he never wanted to make a horror movie but wanted to make an actual monster movie.

Paul is known for his comedies, so he is going to make a unique movie tale while also reviving the old characters!

Paul Feige is widely famous for his comedies, but back in 2016, he gave all the fans a reboot of Ghostbusters. The movie had the undeniable task of reviving the favorite franchise that honored several staples again from the series while he also attempts to reinvent it for the upcoming generation

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