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Council Of Dads: Did NBC Renewed The Series For A Season 2?

This would be an emotional goodbye as we would not witness seasons of the family drama furthermore. We are talking about NBC’s web series titled Council Of Dads that many fans have been looking forward to. Let us now discuss the renewal status and release date of the new season.

Renewal Status Of Council Of Dads Season 2

Unfortunately, the show has been officially cancelled by the makers after its one season. Yes, you read that right. It sounds so impractical not to have more than one season for any web show as we feel the show has just begun.

Well, this news came as a disappointment for the loyal viewers who were waiting for an update on the revival of the show. The show is an adaptation of a novel of the same name written by Bruce Feiler who has penned down his real-life story. And we expected that there would be much more to it and definitely, a new season would be on the cards.

Council Of Dads
Source: NBC

Plot Of Council Of Dads

The news was given to us by J. August Richards himself who took to his social media handle and informed about the cancellation of the web series. The show was a family drama wherein the father was a cancer patient and had not many days left of his life. So both him and his wife decided to call upon his best friends who would later serve as father figures to their children.

It was finally shown that the father died, and now the wife and his best friends have become an expanded family who sticks to each other through thick and thin for each other and the children. It is rightly said that friends are family and that is what is portrayed in the show.

Well, there was nothing much to show more since everything was carved from the book. Well, it’s now a sad farewell, and good things come to an end, and so is the show. We just hope that in future the makers come out with a plan to renew the show somehow. Till then you can watch the first season if you haven’t.

Cast In Council Of Dads

The show featured;

  • Sarah Wayne Callies,
  • Clive Standen,
  • J. August Richards,
  • Michele Weaver,
  • Emjay Anthony and others.
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