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Comedy Central Developing Reboot Series Of Ren And Stimpy

The reboot of the Ren and Stimpy show is coming to Comedy Central. In 1991 this animated series release on Nickelodeon was you excite to know more about it? If yes, scroll-up here. Now, the iconic cat and dog couple is making a comeback.

Comedy Central has defeated a Rain & Stimpy reboot described as’ remade ‘on the hit’ 90s series. They are very excited to take on this prestigious franchise with a fresh new creative team and their partners at Nickelodeon Animation Studios, confirmed by Chris McCarthy, who is the President of ViacomCBS Entertainment and Youth Group. “Ren & Stimpy join our rapidly expanding adult animation roster that includes South Park, Beavis & Butt-Head, and Clone High as we continue to re-add our beloved IP treasures to new generations.”

Ren and Stimpy Show to return to Comedy Central in big re ...
source: metro.co.uk.com

Comedy Central Developing Reboot Series Of Ren And Stimpy

The Ren & Stimpy reboot is part of the latest push in Comedy Central’s adult animation show. The network revived Beavis and Mike Judge’s Butt-Head and picked up Daria’s spin-off Jodie. Therefore, as well as Comedy Central also plays the adult animation show like BoJack Horseman and Seth MacFarlane’s The Claval Show. Although Ren & Stimpy launched on Nickelodeon in the same era as other popular cartoons like Rugrats and Dug, the series featured more adult content and was often moved by its sarcasm jokes and references to politics and religion.

Other Relevant information a fan should know!!

Created by John Crickfalsey, Ren & Stimpy follows the adventures of Ren, a cunning and often violent Chihuahua, and his friendly and retarded cat, Stimpy. Already we confirmed that this animation powerful series aired on Nickelodeon for five seasons before ending in 1995. Therefore, in the past, the show’s success led to a 2003 spinoff series called Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoons but only aired with three episodes rest all are get canceled.

An episode release date has not been announced for the reboot of the series, however, for more information related to the animated series stay connected with us and share your thoughts and views through a comment below, respectively.

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