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Cobra Kai: 3 Things We Want To See In The Third Season!

It was not expected that a follow up to the Karate Kid film would be a success to such an extent. Yes, we are talking about Cobra Kai, which was initially premiered on Youtube Red but then taken over by the leading online streaming platform Netflix owing to its success. And what good news can come is that the show officially got renewed for a third season.

Expected Release Date Of Cobra Kai: 3

However, no official date had been revealed, but it is expected to get aired by the end of 2020 to early 2021. It all depends on the timing to finish off with the production and post-production schedules, which are indeed time-consuming.

Cobra Kai
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Plot Of Cobra Kai: 3

Cobra Kai is set up 34 years after the Karate Kid, where Johny Lawrence decides to set up the Cobra Kai dojo, which eventually starts over his feud with arch-rival Daniel LaRusso. The show has shown us of the great potential that it possesses, and it is not sufficient and fair to have just two seasons.

Of course, a brand new season is on its way, and we feel that more seasons would be added up inevitably in the future. We have many assumptions and theories that could happen in the upcoming flick, so here we have brought to you three things that should plainly be shown in season 3. Let’s check it out.

1. Miguel and Sam reconciliation-

This emerging relationship between the two got a concise span to be witnessed and get blossom. However, even after they broke up, we could see their feelings for one another, which both of them know. We hope that in the third season, they both reconcile though not for a relationship but to start over with their cute friendship.

2. Johny and Daniel’s Dojo- 

The main plot around which the show is set up which is the rivalry and rekindling a feud between Johny and Daniel is the highlight of Cobra Kai. But still, there is something in between them that they make it out and go along with each other. And we feel that this element would be perfectly justified if both of them would join up together to take bake Cobra Kai Dojo from Kreese.

3. More Cobras might leave-

We are here talking about the reel happening inside the show. We saw that Kreese took over the dojo and also introduced his students some really dangerous techniques which are not required for the time being. And this could eventually result in more of the Cobras leaving the institution. Whereas some Cobras might stay back to come with a solution from preventing this from happening.

So these are certain sure shot things we might expect to be answered and seen in the third installment. Not much time is left for its release and we would surely get to see what all has been curated this for the viewers.

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