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Chucky TV Show: Here’s Everything Known So Far

Child Play, a horror movie franchise about a doll named Chucky by a serial killer, is being restructured by the team behind it: Chapter One. Chunky’s original producer Don Manchini, however, is not included. Not that it really matters, as the writers and producers are returning to the horror franchise with a new Chucky television series that was picked up by Syfy.

Here everything you should know:

The expected release for the Chucky TV show:

Unfortunately, we don’t yet know when Chucky will be expected to appear on the TV screen. However, the 8-part Child Play television series was confirmed by Mancini in April 2019. So, at least, you shouldn’t expect much. Syfy has officially placed Chucky in a direct series order that does not require pilots, and while the production start date is not yet known, there is no reason for it to soon suit the 2020 premiere. There shouldn’t be enough to do.

Chucky TV series in the works at Syfy | EW.com
Source: Entertainment Weekly.com

The expected storyline of the show:

According to the official Chucky plot synopsis, the show is canceled due to Chucky’s arrival in the quiet little town, which is undoubtedly a series of brutal murders. Along the way, various mysteries of the city’s inhabitants begin to reveal themselves, and notable figures from Chucky’s past complicate the things that are presented. While the cult of the Chucky story doesn’t need to continue, it certainly doesn’t sound like a follow-up on the surface.

The cast members we are going to see:

The cast for the series is yet to be announced. Though we do have an exception, Brad Dourif, who has always voiced Chucky in all feature films, will be back to voice Charles Lee “Chucky” Ray. Even with no official release of the cast list, the makers of the show have mentioned that the story will continue from the last film of the Child Play’s series, which ended with a young woman named, Mica (Fiona Dourif) possessed by the spirit of Chucky’s murderous bride Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly). So, maybe we can expect them to make a return as well.

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