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Chinese Woman Sued Hospital After The Hospital6 Staff Refused To Freeze Her Eggs

An unmarried woman in China is suing a hospital after doctors allegedly denied to freeze her eggs because she is unmarried.

Teresa Xu went to Beijing Obstetrics and Gynaecology Hospital last year with an intention to freeze her eggs while she concentrated on her career.

The 31-year-old freelance editor stated that the hospital staff advised her to have a child rather than freezing her eggs.

She stated on a second visit, and she was advised that she could not proceed with treatment.

The hospital refused to comment on the case.

The incident has been widely discussed on Chinese social media, where many people have supported Ms. Xu.

 Ms. Xu said that ‘I came here for professional help, but instead, I got someone who was asking me to put aside my work and have a child firstI have already got a lot of this stress in this society, this culture.’

A woman’s eggs decline in quality as she ages, causing it more difficult for older women to have a child. There is a high need for egg freezing in China, while women who can bear to tend to travel abroad for the treatment.

Ms. Xu stated she had thought of going abroad, but it was too expensive. 

Many social media users of China voiced their support for Ms. Xu using the hashtag that translates to “China’s first unmarried frozen egg case.” The social media user used the hashtag for more than three million times.

The case of Ms. Xu is expected to go on for many months.

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