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Chicago: $25k Reward For Anyone Whose Information Leads To Death Of A 1-Year-Old Boy

A Chicago businessman and local employees offer a $ 25,000 prize for information leading to the arrest and charge of the death of a one-year-old boy on Saturday

Sensei Gaston was shot dead in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood on Saturday afternoon. Police reported that Gaston and his mother were driving in a car when a car stopped near their car and someone inside started shooting, eventually leading to at least seven shots fired.

The boy was shot in the chest and was declared dead in St. Bernard Hospital. Her mother, who brought her kid to the hospital after the shooting, was shot in the head.

Now, Early Walker, owner of W&W Towing, has announced a $ 25,000 prize for information along with a new group of business leaders, called “I Say, Don’t Shoot”.

The owner said everyone is fed up to violence:

“We decided to connect a group of employers, a group fed up with armed violence in our societies,” said Walker. “Something has to be done. We are tired of armed violence, killing innocent bystanders. Our children are killed at a rapid pace and it is time for a change.”

The organization also offered to pay for Gaston’s funeral services

“We have to do something,” said Walker. “I am very happy because these entrepreneurs are behind me to support this initiative. We have to find this killer.”

Walker said the group would be willing to help meet the legal costs of anyone who surrendered to the authorities in connection with the shooting.

“We have lost 10 children in the past few weeks under the age of ten and something needs to be done,” Walker said.

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