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CBS All Access Developing A Show Based On Happy Face Podcast

Here is what we know about Robert King and Michelle King turning Happy Faces into a potential podcast!

Well, well, well, as of right now, news has come out that Robert King, as well as Michelle King, are now turning to a podcast for their next TV show which is going to air on our screens pretty soon and no one can say that they are not excited about what these two talented people might have in store for us.

Michelle and Robert have proved themselves in the eyes of all the audience when they created The Good Fight and as of right now, they are working on a project which is based on the podcast from last year called Happy Face. This drama is going to come out on CBS All Access.

Jennifer Caicicio is set to write the script for this upcoming project!

CBS All Access to Develop 'Happy Face' True Crime Podcast as Series - Variety

Source: variety.com

Jennifer Caicicio is the person who is known widely because she has worked previously with the Kings on their upcoming drama on Showtime Network which goes by the name Your Honor and all this while, the task of writing down the script for their podcast has been handed over to her and we can say with utter confidence that this lady is going to handle it professionally.

Here is what the story of Happy Face is all about!

The whole upcoming project has taken its influence from iHeartMedia Podcast and the story of this series is going to throw the entire spotlight on the life of Melissa Moore who, when was 15 years in age, came to acknowledge that the fact that Happy Face, a prolific killer in her area was no other than her own father.

This was when she was a kid but as she grew up, she changed her name and cut off all the ties with her father while also guarding this secret deep inside her heart. Her father happens to be in prison living up to the sentence provided to him by the court.

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