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Cassian Andor Series: Tony Gilroy Exits!

According to Deadline, Tony Gilroy will step down from the director’s chair for the Cassian Andor-targeted Rogue One prequel and Toby Kyle will direct the primary 3 episodes. Giloy resigned due to COVID-19-related travel issues and continued on board as a show runner and executive producer on the series.

Disney + is in production on its latest Star Wars spin-off show, following Diego Luna’s character Kassian Endour from the 2016 prequel Rogue One. Luna has already been confirmed to re-announce her role as a Rebel pilot and team leader. , which also stars Stellan SkarsgĂ„rd and Kyle Soller. Today, Disney announced that two more actors, Genevieve O’Reilly and Dennis Gough, have been added to the project.

Cassian Andor Disney Plus Series Taps Toby Haynes to Direct - Variety
Source: Variety

The expected release date of the Cassian Andor Series:

There is currently no scheduled release date for the series. The Untitled project was going to start production in London this year, but it’s unclear how the series will proceed now with all the coronavirus-related shutdowns. Veteran Star Wars special effects artist Neil Scallan told Fan said that some work had started before it closed:

“We finally worked on it about four weeks ago, sadly we were everywhere responding to the crisis; we had to lock ourselves in for some time.”

This is good news, but it’s best to wait for this series as it will be delayed. With all of this in mind, it is possible that the series could be made by Disney+ in mid-2021.

The plotline of the Cassian Andor Series:

Based on the assassin/espionage antics like James Bond that we saw in Cassian to Rogue One, the above description should be very exciting. Like the rogue, a series set in a morally gray world of rebellion would be more modern in the Galactic Civil War than in the black and white narration of the original saga. It remains to be seen how Dark Disney will stay with this series.

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