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Carnival Row Season 2: Why It Seems Like Amazon Prime Has Cancelled The Show

There have been speculations among the fans about the new season of Carnival Row of getting cancelled. Well, we are here to make you clear about this. Here is what we know.

Carnival Row is America’s web series which is a neo-noir and fantasy tv series. The creators of the series are Travis Beacham and Rene Echevarria. The famous fantasy drama show streamed on Amazon. It has completed its first season till now, and fans are curious to know about the season two.

Has Carnival Row Second Season cancelled?

Well, the answer is no. Yes, you might get happy to hear that the show has been officially getting renewed for its second season. Although its release date has not declared yet, its renewal is confirmed. It has confirmed that because of the coronavirus pandemic crisis, the shooting for the second season was stopped earlier, but now they are thinking to resume the shooting. However, they also told that the need snowy and cold weather for shooting this season so the production cannot start until winter comes in.

Carnival Row: Season 2: Know Cast, Release Date, Renewal Status ...
Source: Moscoop.com

Carnival Season 2 Cast:

Since the series has now been officially confirmed for its second season, the cast of the season two is expected to return with Rickraft Philostrate, Orlando Boon, Cara Delivingne, Symon McBurney, Tamzin Merchant, Andrew Gower, Arty Froushan, David Gyasi, Indira Varma, Karla Crome and Jarred Harris. At the same time, further information regarding the new members to be added or alteration to the cast is kept a secret yet.

Carnival Row Second Season Release:

We have come to know that the shooting for the second season is underway. So the fans might have to wait a little more which could be at the start of 2021. So, that’s it for today since not much is revealed about the new season. We hope to get all our questions answered soon. Till then, stay tuned with us.

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