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Cable Girls Season 5 Part 2: What Details We Have On The Release Of The Second Part

“Cable Girls” is a superhit series about Women Empowerment. The show has 5 seasons but the second part of last season is yet to be released. Here’s everything we know about the series “Cable Girls”.

Cable Girls Season 5: Release date

The series was first released in 2017, on April 28. The show has gone well since then. Finally, after waiting a while, the fifth season premiered on Netflix on February 14, 2020. This season was supposed to have 12 episodes, but the next 6 episodes are yet to come.

With the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, it seems that fans will have to wait longer, as it was expected to arrive in the summer of 2020. A special release date has yet to be officially announced.

Cable Girls Season 5: Cast

  • Blanca Suárez as Lindia Aguilar
  • Ana Fernández as Carlotta Rodríguez de Cenilosa
  • Nadia de Santiago as Maria Suarez
  • Ana Polvorosa as Sarah Milan
  • Yon Gonsalez as Francisco Gómez
  • Martino Rivas as Carlos Sifuentus
  • Nico Romero as Pablo Santos

Cable Girls Season 5: Plotline

Netflix’s “Cable Girls” is a Spanish drama series. It was the first show in Spanish that Netflix invested in. The program exposes the complexities of working women. The series also shows how women live under a male-dominated society. They are also shown trying to find a balance between work, family, and friendship.

In the fourth season, Lydia finds it difficult to choose a way to walk and look for another way to make the police officer pay off her debts. Meanwhile, a friend of Lydia’s is accused of murder, while the others try to save her. The season concludes with the death of Angeles and the different ways of women.

This is a show that every girl should watch for inspiration. The fact that the show isn’t just entertainment makes it a little more interesting, with a bit of historical flair.

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