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Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 8: Essential Details Regarding New Season

After running successfully for seven seasons, comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been renewed for the eighth season. Recently, the creator of the series Dan Goor spilled some beans about the upcoming season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Dan Goor On The Upcoming Season Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Dan Goor has revealed that they are working on the dynamics of the new life of Amy and Jake. The couple had a baby in the last season. They are trying to see how Jake and Amy will balance between work and the new member. He also said that the team is working on incorporating the pandemic situation in the upcoming season.

Terry Crews On The Upcoming Season Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Terry Crews who is seen as Terry on the show recently revealed that the writers of the show are trying to re-contextualize the series after the police brutality on George Floyd.

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When Will Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 Premiere On NBC?

Season 7 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine premiered on NBC in February this year. With the spread of coronavirus, it is not known when the production work on the next season of the series will begin. Currently, the scriptwriters of the show are rewriting the scripts keeping in view the recent police brutality case. The viewers can expect the eighth season of the series to release in February next year.

What Will Be The Premise Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8?

In season 7 of the series, Amy and Jake welcomed a baby. In the upcoming season, the new parents will try to balance their work and the responsibilities of parents. Charles will try to third wheel and help the new parents with the baby. With the baby, a new side of Raymond Holt will be seen.

What Is The Premise Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

The series is set in the 99th precinct. The precinct is a part of the New York Police department. Raymond Holt is the captain of the precinct. He is the head of a team of detectives. The team includes Jake Peralta, Rosa Diaz, Amy Santiago, Charles Boyle, TerryJeffords, Michael Hitchcock, and Norm Scully.

It is rumored that Chelsea Peretti will be returning to the show in the upcoming season.

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