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Britannia Season 3: Release Date, Cast And Plotline

Historical fantasy drama series Britannia started as a joint venture between Sky and Amazon Prime Video. But after the first season, Amazon Prime Video backed out of the project. The second season of Britannia was produced by Sky independently. Both the seasons of the historical fantasy drama received appreciation from the critics and the viewers. After watching two seasons of Britannia, the viewers of the historical fantasy drama series are looking forward to watching the next installment soon.

Britannia: Is The Third Season On The Cards?

After ending the joint venture with Amazon Prime Video, Sky produced the second season of Britannia on its own. After the success of the second season of the historical fantasy drama series, Sky renewed the series for a third season in January this year. Sky has found a partner in Epix. Epix will produce the third season of Britannia along with Sky.

Britannia season 3 confirmed by Sky Atlantic | Den of Geek

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When Will The Third Season Of Britannia, Be Available For The Viewers?

Since the global pandemic has slowed down the production work, it is too early to say when the next season of historical fantasy drama Britannia will release. The production work on the third season is to being later this year. If the shooting begins on time, then the fans can expect the third season to premiere in 2021.

But, the fans of the series can watch the first and the second season of the show on Epix. The first season with nine episodes will make its debut on Epix on August 2, followed by the ten episodes of the second season on October 4 this year.

What Can Happen In The Third Season Of Britannia?

In the second season of Britannia, the viewers saw how the battle will create a rift between the two Druid brothers. This divide puts the prophecy in jeopardy. Cait is the chosen one. In the next season of Britannia, the viewers can expect to see major changes in Cait’s journey. She will have to make decisions that will have a direct impact on the people of her kingdom.

Britannia shows the Roman conquest of Britain. Jez Butterworth and Tom Butterworth are the creators of the historical fantasy drama series.

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