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Borderlands 3: Bounty of Blood Details In Depth

Borderlands 3’s Bounty of Blood will take you down to the memory lane of Redemption as DLC is getting much appreciation from the fans. The DLC comprises of the Handsome Jackpots and Guns.


Bounty of Blood launched with a western-themed plot which comprises of revenge and redemption. In the mighty desert of Gahanna, the Vault Hunters to claim a bounty on The Devil Riders. The local gang is terrorizing the whole town with their antics.


What’s New In DLC

The latest update has many specialties but users find the most in the rising of level cap. The provision of extra skill points is just a treat to watch for gamers. However, a customized loadout with new gears and three new skills added to the skill tree. To possess them just scroll down the Guardian Rank page and they are classified as:

Groundbreaker: This allows melee attacks or slam to trigger an aftershock and provide damage of 25%.

Dead Man Walking: This allows the fight for your life meter to drain 50% slower when you are not mobile. 

The lead of Alive: This allows the player’s guns to automatically reload which is quite a brilliant perk for a gamer. 

Borderlands 3: Bounty of Blood – How to find Sato’s Saga Journals and caches

Reportedly there are two journals to find in each new location and as well as if we are talking about one cache. The Journals are books that have a massive glow and you can spot them in a second.

Vestige Sato’s Saga Journal- On The Balcony

Obsidian Forest Sato’s Saga Journal- Crone’s Contenement

Bloodsun Sato’s Saga Journal- Jacob’ Lab

Ashfalls Peak Sato’s Saga Journal- The Ashfalls Peak

The Blastplains Sato’s Saga Journal- The Blastplains

So this is all about the latest DLC of Borderlands 3 and Epic games just shock the whole gaming world by offering free games. Borderlands was also a part of freebies and users take such advantage of the offer and retrieve a million copies in seven days.

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