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Blindspot: Will There Be A Season 6

As well as sources confirmed that NBC has set a release date for the fifth and final season of Blindspot. Yes, we have a piece of sad news for you all and is that season 6 of Blindspot will not happen. The drama, directed by Sullivan Stapleton and Jamie Alexander.

Will There Be A Season 6?

Sadly, there is no season 6 of Blindspot and the fifth and final season of “Blindspot” was delayed from the network’s fall calendar and mid-dance in 2019 after the show was taken off the air during the important May sweep period.

Blindspot': Final Season 5 Gets Premiere Date at NBC | TVLine

Source: Tvline.com

The show was in the bubble with an average rating of 0.8. The demo and last season saw 4.3 million viewers, but NBC finally chose to collect 13 additional episodes of the show in May.  The fifth and final season of NBC’s “Blindspot” is advancing on the network calendar due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic.

When final season release?

The final season of the thriller series was originally scheduled to air in the summer, but will now premiere on April 30 at 10 p.m. ET / PT. The show will take place at the usual 9 pm. Next week on May 7th.

Several networks have been changing the programming in recent weeks due to the global coronavirus epidemic and have closed the entertainment industry. The release dates have been delayed or extended in some cases, while in many shows their seasons have been shortened. Others will air some episodes and resume production of the remaining episodes at a later date.

What is the expected story of the final season of the show?

NBC begins seasonally, after the explosion that saw Jane as a drone attack at the safe house with the rest of the team inside. Season 5 of “Blindspot” begins after the explosion, which sees Jane as a drone attack at the safe house, accompanied by the rest of the team. Questions asked to include who did it live and whether the team will be able to clear his name after Madeline’s comes to power.

Who will be in the cast?

  • Sullivan Stapleton
  • Rob Brown
  • Audrey Esparza
  • Ashley Johnson
  • Ennis Esmer
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