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Blazing Samurai: What Is Known So Far About The Arrival Of This Action Adventure Comedy Film

There are many people who love animated movies and tv series. Like they used to spend their whole time the whole day watching animated movies because they are really amazing to watch. So here we have an amazing animated movie Blazing Samurai that is arriving soon for the fans.

The thriller animated movie is from the creator Yair Landua, Susan Purcell, and Rob Minkoff. The animated thriller movie is coordinated by Chris Bailey and composed by Nate Hopper and Ed Stone. Are you excited to know about its release and storyline?

When Will It Going To Appear

See everyone is aware of the current pandemic situation, but the good news is the work for the animated movie started before the pandemic. The shooting of many big projects been hampered. Up until now, there is no report with respect to when the film will arrive at cinemas since the recording hasn’t begun at this point. Many reports revealed that the upcoming thriller movie will arrive for the fans in the summer of 2021.

Animated feature 'Blazing Samurai' is coming to Cinesite ...
Source: Cinesite Studio.com

Casting Of The Series

The production house has just declared the names of a few characters with their jobs. The accompanying characters will be found in the film:

  • Michael Cera as Hank
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Jimbo
  • Ricky Gervais as Ika Chu
  • Superb Joy Jerkins as Emiko
  • Djimon Hounsou as Sumo
  • Mel Brooks as Shogun
  • George Takei as Ohga
  • Gabriel Iglesias as Chuck
  • Michelle Yeoh as Yuki
  • Aasif Mandvi as Ichiro
  • Sandra Tsing Loh as meager Mama

What Information We Have On Its Storyline

The storyline of the animated thriller movie is around the visionary pet named Hank he stands of turning into a Samurai one day. You all will love watching this animated thriller movie. All through the film, we will consider Hank to be a decent canine however in his excursion to turning out to be Samurai, he meets a terrible feline, Ika Chu. We won’t state much about the storyline as will be like a spoiler for it.

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