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Blake Lively Or Emilia Clarke: Who Will Play Mera In Aquaman 2

Although Amber Heard is the actress who plays Mera in ‘ Aquaman ‘ alongside Jason Momoa, there are several names of interpreters who are coming to light as possible substitutes for the role. Thus, we have been able to see an image of Blake Lively as Arthur Curry’s girlfriend that you can see in the video.

Aquaman’ has been one of the last DC movies best received after the brilliant portrayal of Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry, who manages to become the king of Atlantis after facing his own brother the Master of the Ocean, played by Patrick Wilson.

Aquaman 2: Not Emilia Clarke But THIS Actress Replaces Amber Heard ...
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The cast of the film released in 2018 was completed with Nicole Kidman, Dolph Lundgren and Amber Heard. The latter was chosen to give life to Mera, Aquaman’s love interest.

But, after the latest controversies by Heard, there are many rumours about a possible replacement in the sequel to the superhero story. In this way, several are the names that have come to light to interpret the role, such as Emilia Clarke or Blake Lively.

It all started when Amber Heard went viral online with physical assault. With all of this, Johnny Depp was portrayed as a villager but changed his mind. Supporters of the How Bay protest have signed petitions to remove Hades from Aden. Shortly thereafter, DC’s creators were asked to consider the same thing.

If rumoured, Aquaman 2 producer was talking to Emilia Clarke. The actress has scored a major milestone with Game of Thrones. Also, his resemblance to Jason Momoa on the show was impressive. But now, the gossip girl joining the race is simple.

Thus, in the midst of these theories, we have been able to see an image of Ryan Reynolds’ woman as Mera and the result is quite good. You can see it in the video and judge for yourself.

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