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Black Mirror Season 6: Anthology Cancelled At Netflix? Here’s What We Know

We suppose that almost most of us love science fiction drama. The online streaming platforms surely know what they need to serve the audiences and are coming with the best quality content.

Storyline Of Black Mirror 

Black Mirror is one such creation of the largest online streaming platforms Netflix which is an anthology series and had successfully aired five seasons till now (the last one in 2019). And now fans are eagerly awaiting for a sixth season to happen as soon as possible.

Renewal Status & Release Date Of Black Mirror Season 6

Unfortunately, you might have to wait a little longer than before since there is no update either from Netflix or the makers of the science fiction thriller on making of a brand new season.

This is because the major reason being turned up is that the makers of the web shows are busy and focusing on other projects in line and it is important that they hold onto their word of completing the other works in time all of which had been affected because of the ongoing Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic.

So no season six is coming as for now. The only relief news we could gather is that the show had not been cancelled too by the makers. Hence, Black Mirror could get a new season not now but definitely in the times to come.

Plot Of Black Mirror Season 6

The show focuses on how humans who had taken technology to a whole new level is overpowered by the latter and face the consequences now. And we could actually see this happening in the present world especially during this quarantine period where we are fully dependant on nothing but only and only technology all around us. So this is also a reason why Black Mirror is actually a good creation taking up ideas from the happenings of the real world.

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