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Black Adam: Ryan Reynolds Opened Up About Playing Hawkman In The Upcoming Movie

Here is all that we know about Ryan Reynolds updating fans about some stuff on his twitter account!

Well, well, well, all you guys need to do right now is forget about the Snyder Cut for a while because the definitive version of Green Lantern has finally paved its way out of Hal Jordan himself, that is, Ryan Reynolds.

This new content is the re-edit of the DC film back from 2011. That piece of work could be considered as a truncated version of the film, which is responsible for incorporating high points of narrative as well as a cameo given by the iconic actor Tom Cruise.

Ryan Reynold let out his version of Green Lantern on his Twitter, and here is what it looks like!

It also has in store for us ceratin footage from Justice League along with Deadpool 2. The latter tale saw its end credits having Wade Wilson, who goes back in time with the futuristic technology provided by Cable, which is to eliminate Ryan before he could ever shoot the Green Lantern film. It could also be witnessed that Merc with a Mouth was able to make a quick stop in the movie called X Men Origins: Wolverine. All this was done to kill off the lackluster version that he has created of his character.

On the personal Twitter handle of the actor Ryan Reynolds, he wrote that there is a deep cut of Reynolds from the Green Lantern that everyone has not been waiting for an extended period in time.

Is Ryan Reynolds starring in Black Adam film or not?

He then went on to further reveal that he is not playing Hawkman in the upcoming film called Black Adam, and this decision has been made even though he generally does whatever Dwayne The Rock Johnson tells him to.

Ryan raised the hopes inside all his fans by saying that he actually might be in the cut of Zack Snyder of Justice League, and people say that they have heard he is already in it.

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