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Bird Box 2: How Can A Sequel Happen? Renewal Updates Revealed!

Netflix Bird Box 2 is in development, the sequel to the horror-thriller starring Sandra Bullock. Bird Box was a huge hit for the streaming service when it debuted in 2018. Eric Hesser’s script was based on Josh Mallerman’s 2014 novel of the same name, and a similar story followed the trajectory. The bull plays Malorie Hayes, who navigates the dangers of a post-apocalyptic world, as he tries to protect himself and two children from creatures with terrifying abilities to kill a person insight.

About Bird Box:-

Bird Box follows Malorie in two timelines separated by five years, which are finally transformed into the present. Throughout the film, she was currently accompanied by two children, later named Tom and Olympia. Demons are classified as a kind of demonic creature that takes the form of the worst fear of hunting and leads to suicide. The best remedy against him is to blind himself to avoid seeing his horrible vision. Eventually, Malorie, Tom, and Olympia arrive at an old school for blind people hiding in the woods, where they still seem to be safe.

What could be the storyline for Bird Box 2 if it happens?

Fans looking for a clue of what Bird Box 2 might be about should look for the sequel, Malorie. The novel won’t be available until July 21, 2020, but the book’s synopsis contains some interesting revelations about Malorie’s future and clues to what the story of the film might look like. For starters, the sequel novel takes place twelve years after the events of the original, leading Malorie’s children to become teenagers.

Bird Box 2 - Phillip playing chicken : memes
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All of this seems like the perfect fodder for Netflix’s Bird Box 2. Until the filmmakers decide to take things in a very different direction, this is why they will return to the original material when preparing their film adaptation. The only other problem could be if Sandra Bullock decides she no longer wants to get involved with the franchise, which in any plan would throw a massive key into Bird Box 2 to fit in well.

Has Bird Box been renewed for its sequel yet?

Netflix has not made any official announcements about Bird Box 2, but Malerman’s insight into development prompted the streaming service to make a statement soon. Although when they decide to make an official announcement, Mallerman confirms that things are moving forward in the film adaptation of his novel, the perfect time for fans to come out and imitate the sequel.

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