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Bill & Ted 3: The Movie Will Release Early, Check All Details Here

Since March, every time we find out that a movie changes its release date, it’s bad news that a movie that we think of is coming soon. An exception has been when movies have decided to leave the cinema entirely and go directly to VOD platforms. Bill and Ted Face the Music are planning to do both, opening in theaters wherever possible via the VOD platform. And now, in any way you can see it, you will soon be able to see it, as the release date was extended from September 1 to August 28.

The Movie Will Release Early?

While Bill and Ted Face the Music was slated to release in homes and cinemas, the earlier release date seemed to indicate a focus on VOD, as Tuesday, September 1, was the traditional release date for home media. Now the film has moved up to last Friday, the traditional theatrical release date, which seems to indicate a new approach to theatrical release.

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter ON SET of 'Bill and Ted 3' - YouTube

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Bill and Ted Face the Music were originally scheduled for a release on August 21, but before we knew it, the world was about to end. As time went on, it became clear that theaters would not be running as usual in August and the movie was delayed a bit. Now, technically it will only open a week later than previously planned, although things will continue to be very different for this version.

Other Updates?

Of course, what that dramatic launch would be like, anyone would think now. It’s more than three weeks until August 28 and it’s an eternity in today’s environment. At this point, it seems like theaters are largely planning to be open at the end of the month, but it still varies wildly depending on where you live. In the US, we can open theaters in some states, but not others, and potentially even some counties, but not depending on how things are going in others.

Still, even if you were itching to complete this trilogy in theaters because that’s where you saw the first two movies and just finished the story right there (I’m a little bitter I say) is better than getting the movie in its entirety and seeing it a little earlier is not a bad thing. If you were going to see Bill and Ted Face the Music one way or another at home, it would be better soon because the movie sounds great. The news of changing the release date came with a new behind-the-scenes video. Bill and Ted Face the Music sounds fun, as well as a little emotional. We will find out on August 28, respectively.

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