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Batwoman Star Reflects On Surprising Exit Of Ruby Rose From The Show

Batwoman: Stephanie Beatriz (Brooklyn 99) wants to take over from Ruby Rose

A few days ago, the news was announced that Ruby Rose was leaving the Batwoman series. After this departure, actress Stephanie Beatriz showed her desire to take on this role.

Just a few hours after Ruby Rose announced that she was leaving the series, Batwoman has already had candidates who want to star. Stephanie Beatriz, especially known for portraying Rosa Diaz in NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine comedy, has taken to Twitter to let go that she would love to keep the role: “You read everything there is about Batwoman.”

Stephanie is showing her interest in superhero roles for a long time:

This idea has been well received by fans of the series and the truth is that Stephanie Beatriz has been showing her interest in playing a superhero on television for some time. Her name has sounded for months as a possible incarnation of Jennifer Walters or She-Hulk, something to which she herself replied that she was very flattered: “I would die to play that role. She is one of the best characters in that universe.

Still, incorporating Stephanie Beatriz into the DC universe would have to deal with some scheduling issues because NBC renewed Andy Samberg’s comedy for an eighth season even before the seventh season premiered. A great success for the series and more considering that its mother chain, FOX, canceled it at the end of the fifth season.

Batwoman is renewed for the second season:

Batwoman’s first season on CW has just aired its first season and Ruby Rose’s departure has been a real surprise because the series has a confirmed second season and even a set date for her return.

As revealed by the actress and model herself, it is not a decision she has taken lightly as she feels “great respect for the team and all those who work on the series in both Vancouver and Los Angeles,” but it has not spread either. in their motives or give explanations. In fact, and although two more should have been broadcast, the chapter that was already seen on Sunday, May 17 in the United States would have been the last one by Rose. Apparently, other sources assure that her departure from the series was due to various internal tensions.

Ruby Rose's 'Batwoman' exit wasn't all her choice, says source
IMG SRC: New York Post

Despite this unforeseen, Warner is not willing to give up on her established plans and hopes to sign a new protagonist for Batwoman soon and do it with another actress who is also a member of the LGBT community.

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