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Batwoman: Sonya Deville In Talks For The Main Lead Role

While CW has renewed Batwoman for yet another season which made fans very happy, surprising news was revealed a few days ago and it has just shocked fans beyond limits! What is it all about? Let us take a look at it.

Ruby Rose Has Departed From The CW Show Batwoman!

The lead star of the series Ruby Rose has made an official announcement of stepping out of the show. This news has come out all of a sudden and fans are bewildered on why would she leave the lead role. However, a new search has already begun.

WWE’s Sonya Deville’s Name Has Popped Up As The Potential Candidate For The Role Of Batwoman.

However, as soon as Ruby Rose has stepped out, many names are coming out who are potential choices for playing Batwoman on the CW network. In this context, while many actors are already campaigning to bag the role, WWE ’s Sonya Deville’s name has also popped up a potential candidate. Take a look at this Twitter post where the wrestler has shown her interest in having the role. Have a look.

Apparently, Deville’s agents are pushing her for the role of the Kate Kane in Batwoman. The wrestler has also posted some cryptic Twitter posts where she seems quite keen to play the role of the caped crusader. This role indeed is quite a big break as the lead role in one of CW’s Superhero projects. We wonder what the network has to say a boy Deville and her interest in the vacant role.

Deville’s Has Showed Interest In The Role Via A Twitter Post.

While fans will surely miss Ruby Rose, her sudden departure from the show is surely surprising. The actress has thanked the network for their love and support. Now that the lead role of Kate Kane is vacant, we need to wait and see who is roped in for the role. We surely won’t mind Sonya Deville to take on the role. A real-life wrestler as the next caped crusader of Gotham City won’t be a bad idea. Fans would surely look forward to it.

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