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Bad Boys Part 3: Renewal Status And Expected Release Date

The Bad Boys are reuniting for another iconic duo of cops. This movie has taken a long time for another sequel, as the Bad Boys Part 2 was premiered 17 years ago. The first two parts of the movie brought a lot of fun, and the fans are expecting a lot more with the new part of the movie.

The previous parts of this franchise are so famous because of the old school nature of the movie. The first part is based on the bromance of both the leading cops, which turned into a lot of fun for the viewers. The second part, which came eight years later, had a lot about explosions and testosterone, boosting the movie’s actions.

It is also confirmed that the creators of the Bad Boys 3 are Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi. It has been confirmed that these two have joined the franchise of Bad Boys to direct the third part of the movie. So the fans must be waiting to see the action they bring to the new part of the Bad Boys. If you are one of them, then here is something for you.

Bad Boys 3 Cast

The latest news about the cast of the third part of the Bad Boys is that Lawrence and Smith are returning to their characters. Where Joe Pantoliano has also signed for playing his character. The latest news says that Vanessa Hudgens and Alexander Ludwig has also signed to play a part in the movie.

Bad Boys 3 Release Date

Unfortunately, there is no trailer around yet for the Bad Boys 3, so this is very hard to say when the movie is returning for the third Part.

Bad Boys 3' Makes More Box Office History As It Tops $215M Worldwide
Source: Forbes

Bad Boys 3 Plot

The third part is most likely to feature the older Bad Boys who will team up with the elite squad for all the action we will see in the movie. There is no more information about the plot of Bad Boys 3 as no trailer, and no more news is available about the movie.

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