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Asa Butterfield Spills Beans On His Spider-Man Audition

Here is what actor Asa Butterfield revealed about the time he gave an audition for Spider-Man!

It is a known fact that all the audience have all the respect in this world for all the hardworking as well as talented actors who have put it on the line time again and again to score a role.

It is known that every time someone puts themselves out there continuously, they are bound to run into some sort of rejection or disappointment and especially when there are highly sought after roles. This was precisely the case that happened with teen actor Asa Butterfield when it came to the auditions for Peter Parker, which is present in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Asa was one of the top priorities, but then the role was given to Tom Holland!

Well, it should be known that Collider arranged an interview with the man to talk about his series called Sex Education but all this while, the actor also opened up about other things. Back in 2015, Collider happened to grasp a shortlist of all the young actors who are willing to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At that point in time, Asa Butterfield was considered to be the top priority that the officials had, but things did not work out that way.

Asa Butterfield reflects on losing the role of Spider-Man to Tom ...
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Instead of Asa, we witnessed that British actor Tom Holland took up that role instead. Even though losing such a prestigious character to Tom Holland might have been a disappointment story, but for Asa, it was different.

Here is what Asa had to say about this unfortunate incident!

Asa says that every so often, there is a part or role that an actor wants to do, and it also has a script that they love, and then you go on and put every sweat in it but end up not getting it.

He went on to say that there is no need for disappointment because something eventually comes out of it, and this was also the case of Spider-Man with him. He did Sex Education instead of Spider-Man, and he is happy because he would not have been able to do both the roles at the same point in time.

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