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Arya Stark: 3 Things We Didn’t Like About Her

One of the most fearless characters of Game Of Thrones has to be Arya Stark, she is known for her witty, strong character being a girl she has fought all the obstacles and learned how to be a warrior and indeed she was a great warrior.

As much as we can talk about Arya Stark being brave and strong, there are a few things all the fans hated about her, so without any delay, lets talk about the things fans didn’t like about Arya.

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Here are the top 3 things fans didn’t like about Arya’s character!

Arya’s Trust Issues 

Arya sure has many issues, but one at the top is her trust issues, well we don’t blame her entirely, she has seen a lot of misery at a young age, but her trust issues have made her treat her friends like enemies who have often gone wrong for her.

For instance, when Brienne was sent by Catelyn Stark to look after Arya and bring her back, Arya refuses to go with her and finds her path.

Arya Can Be Careless 

Arya learned alot of valuable lessons from the Faceless man in Braavos but she was very careless when asked to obey the rules.

Arya met Jaqen H’ghar who asked her to give her three names who he would kill for Arya she ends up using it too quickly if she would have saved a few she could have used them when the right time arrived.

Fighting With Family

Arya has never been one of the homely, family types and she has often thrown a fist about it, she has never had a good relationship with Sansa and is often seen fighting against her if these two were to join forces they would have won all the fights together.

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