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Arthdal Chronicles Season 2: Every Clarification On When Will The Series Going To Release

Arthdal Chronicles is a fantasy and romantic Korean TV series. It is directed by Kim Won- Seok and written by Kim Young- Hyun and Park San-Hyun. It was first aired on tvN from June 1, 2019. It was premiered on Netflix as well.


The story of the Arthdal Chronicles is all about a mythical land which is called Arth. While some inhabitants of the ancient city Arthdal encounter love, others contend with power struggles along their way. A boy named Eun -Seom struggles hard to bring his life back, and while doing so, he gets to know about his true origins.

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In ancient times, on the fictional land, Eun- Seom was born. He was born with the fate of bringing disaster to Arthdal. He goes through hardships and grows up due to the struggles of his mother. Then the second one is Ta- gon, who was the war hero of Arthdal. He happens to be the most influential person in Arthdal.

His dream was to become the First King of Arthdal. Then there is a girl named Tan-ya who had the same fate as Eun-Seam. She happens to be the successor of the Wahan Tribe in the story. She realizes her mission and is honoured with the highest, and she dreams of becoming a politician.

Arthdal Chronicles Second Series Release Date:

After the first series of Arthdal got ended, the fans must be wondering if there’s going to be another series of the show? Well, we are here to clear this for you. The second season of the Arthdal Chronicles is coming up soon on Netflix, which means you do not have to wait for too long. It has been confirmed that the series is coming up on Netflix this July. Like all the previous parts of the series, the upcoming series will be aired in twice-weekly installments.

The Cast of Arthdal Chronicles Season 2:

The last season’s cast will continue to return in the second season as well. They were Jang Dong- Gun, Song Joong-Ki, Kim Ji-won, and Kim Ok- Vin. They had acted excellently in the previous parts and will be continuing to entertain the fans in the upcoming series.

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