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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Joseph Baena Dropped A Workout Video, New Fans Comparing Both Of Them

Like father like son, Arnold Schwarzengger’s journey has been a wonderful one from an American bodybuilder, to film star to being involved in politics he has served as the governor of California.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Son Joseph, 21, Looks Just Like Dad ...
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Arnold always dreamt of becoming an American actor, and he figured that the only way he could reach there is by becoming a successful bodybuilder, he won the Mr. Universe title at the age of 20 and made history.

Arnold has a troubled household he has a strained relationship with his father which was also a significant reason he left home, and his father abused him, ever after leaving Austria, he maintained a good relationship with his mother.

Arnold’s first movie is Hercules in New York(1969) he had just learned English and has a thick accent that producers had to have a voice-over for his role.

He came to the US with nothing but a dream and passion, and he made everything from scratch for himself and his family.


Arnold’s son Joseph is reminding us that summer is here and going shirtless is the best way to beat the heat, Joseph’s new video has evoked the memories of Arnold’s T-800 Terminator days for fans, but the only difference is that he stepped out from a cryo chamber in Los Angeles for post-workout recovery.

Fans have been comparing the father-son duo, and Joseph looks a lot like his father with all those gains, and fans are drooling over them!

Here is the video of Joseph while he maintains social distancing, and he is also seen wearing a mask for safety.

Another video from his Instagram captioned as ‘Back attack! What’s the first thing you’re going to train when you get back into the gym?’

Joseph looks to be making the most of this lockdown while he is training and working hard on himself but while taking all-important precautions.

We will keep you all updated with the latest news until then continue reading with us, stay home, stay safe.

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