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AMAZON Delivery Boy From Philly Accused To Robbing Delivery Packages

Amazon delivery boy has been accused after video footage surfaced of the delivery boy stealing the package he had just delivered.

Police Investigating The Case

The Philadelphia Police Department is investigating the case as the Amazon driver had stolen the package he had just delivered.

Sources report that Germantown resident Will Brown caught the driver stealing the package from him on a home security camera.

Brown said that Amazon did not believe him, stating, They did not believe me at first. Amazon was like, How do you recognize it was our driver?’

In the video, it can see the driver delivering the packages to the door. The suspect even gave the delivery proof, including a picture to Brown’s Amazon account.

When the homeowner got home, the package was not there, so he examined video footage.

Brown said that ‘He stole the package and ran down the street with it, which I assumed was weird. Why do you need to run?’

The Victim Want Suspect To Be Arrested

Brown is expecting the authorities to arrest the suspect.

According to Brown, four pairs of work pants were stolen in an order that totaled around $172. He said that ‘It was a $172 order, but it’s the thought that you cannot even have stuff delivered to your home without it getting stolen by the people who are supposed to be delivering it.’

Amazon informed Brown that the delivery driver was a contractor and not a full-time employee of the company.

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