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Altered Carbon: 5 Early Spoilers To Know About Season 3

We saw in 2020 the return of the sci-fi cyberpunk TV show Altered Carbon in his quest to find his love, the visionary Quellcrist Falconer. At the end of the first season, Kovacs discovered that his sister Rei was the perpetrator of several crimes committed during and before the first season. She was also the reason why he was brought back and put in a new sleeve.

Viewers soon discovered that the show set in an alternate world where people can digitize their consciousness was worth the wait, and that the streaming service just as soon renewed Altered Coal for the second season, only a few months after the first premiere. In February 2020, the changed carbon season 2 hit Netflix, and audiences were curious about the possibility of an altered carbon season 3.

Unfortunately, the third season of Altered Carbon has not yet been confirmed. That said, a lot of things remain in a third chapter of the Altered Carbon Universe after the final of season 2, in which dead things are not always gone.

Spoilers For Altered Carbon Season 3

#1. Kovacs Prime Next Move

At the end of season 2, Kovacs Prime is in a fascinating spot. He has seen enough to know that Quellkrist Falconer has not been made the Protectorate and that what he assumed was not the Protectorate. Right now, he is still rooted in the party and plays the part of the good soldier in holding the track away from everyone else interested in the Harlan’s World adventure.

#2. Jaeger Might Return

Altered Carbon man at the end of season 2 has the short end of the stick. Jaeger was eventually taken over by the Elder, after being removed from the body of Quell, and attempted to create a tool for using the Angelfire to destroy Harlan’s universe. He blocked his stack at the end of the season in a fight with Takeshi and Quell, which would usually mean that he was permanently dead.

#3. Good Meths

Season 1 of Altered Carbon gave Meths a bad reputation, and Season 2 did nothing to paint it in another way. Such rich and theoretically immortal people were terrified when the Elder zapped their numbers and killed their backup stacks and responded accordingly.

#4. Is Takeshi Kovacs Dead?

The story follows a majority of Altered Carbon Seasons 1 and 2 for the Takeshi Kovacs, as stated in the previous paragraph. The only question is whether the show would pull the trigger, as Takeshi’s death was the end of a rainbow with Quell. If Altered Carbon turns off leads and pursues Kovacs Prime during season 3, this could be achieved.

#5. Poe’s Memory

For a decent piece of season 2, the beloved Poe was in a wrong way due to an internal breakdown in his program. He couldn’t repair it all with a reset, so he was at risk of losing any or all of his memories. As Poe said, the A.I is a reboot. Death equivalent that he should not undergo and lose all of the memories he made with Lizzie Takeshi and Season 1.

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