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AKA Jana Roe: Details Regarding Upcoming Flick

A documentary on the life of an anti-choice activist would hit our screens soon. We are talking about the upcoming flick titles AKA Jane Roe which shows the life of Norma McCorvey who made certain confessions about her life.

Release Date Of AKA Jana Roe

The documentary would be released on May 22, 2020, on FX and Hulu and is directed by Nick Sweeney. She was a prominent woman to make abortion rights available to mothers which according to a law in Texas was the only granted if the mother’s life was in danger.

Plot Of AKA Jana Roe

The famous case which came into limelight as a result of this is Roe Vs Wade which could not be settled in the lower court and had to be ultimately taken by the Supreme Court where the law challenged by the activist got majority votes stating that is constitutional protection available to the mother.

Source: Longreads

However, it was quite shocking when Jane Roe claimed that she regrets being a plaintiff to the case and even urged the Supreme Court to revert back its decision. So the upcoming documentary would show some of her interviews taken before her death ( she died on February 2017), the choices she made and truth about her career.

The non-fictional documentary is the first documentation by FX which is expected to be a good one. The so-called ‘deathbed confessions’ by Jane herself was directly given by the activist to the director Sweeney and was shot in 2017 only just some days before her death. So the viewers must watch it to get answers to the queries arising in their mind.

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