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After Life Season 3: Expected Release Date And Storyline For Third Season

Black comedy series After Life has been successful for two seasons on Netflix since 2019. The show has been created by Ricky Gervais.

When Will Season 3 Of After Life Drop On Netflix?

Season 1 of the series released in 2019. The series had been renewed for the second season which released in 2020. Recently, Rick Gervais and Netflix have entered into an agreement where Gervais will produce content for the broadcasting giant. His series After Life was renewed for a third season.

Rick Gervais is working on the script for the third season. Due to the spread of coronavirus, the production series and films were put to a stop. The industry is slowly starting its work again. There is no news on when the production work on the new season of the series will begin. Netflix has not announced the premiere date of the third season of After Life. The viewers of the series can expect the series to return sometime in 2021

What Will Be The Plot Of Season 3 Of After Life?

After Life follows the life of a man who has been widowed. His name is Tony. Tony and his wife have been living a happy life. But their world comes to a shattering stop when Tony’s wife is got breast cancer. She dies within a few months of the diagnosis. Tony is lost and repressed. He contemplates ending his life. But he has a change of heart. Tony decides to live. He blames the world for losing his wife and wants to seek revenge. He starts to make fun of people and does what he wants to. The people around him want him to become a good person. They try to help him. In the second season, Tony loses his father. The viewers will get to see how Tony will cope up with another loss in his life.

Is Season 3 The Last Season Of After Life?

Ricky Gervais recently revealed that the third season of After Life will be the last season of the series. He will not work on the show after the third season. He added that the audience thinks that they want another season, but they can change their minds, so one has to be careful.

Ricky Gervais works as the actor, director, writer, and producer of the show.

After Life Season 3: Release Date, Trailer and Cast Detail

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