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After Life Season 3 Confirmed By Ricky Gervais!

Can we expect Season 3 of After Life? What are the recent updates? Here’s everything we know about the cast, release date, and plot of the third season of After Life.

After Life Season 3: Release Date

After wrapping up the second season of the dark comedy, a cast of the movie, Tony gave a glimpse of hope, that the third installment of the hit Netflix series is under work. The second season came almost 13 months after the show’s debut on Netflix. We can expect the third season of the Afterlife may launch on Netflix in the spring of 2021.

The script for the third season of the Afterlife has been completed by Ricky Gervais. Gervais confirmed that the initial draft was made, on Twitter on July 23. The filming of Afterlife season 2 did not start until September 2019. The production of season 2 is was also halted due to the current global coronavirus pandemic. So, we can expect it to air in the year 2021.

After Life Season 3 Confirmed at Netflix | Den of Geek
source: Den of Geek

After Life Season 3: Plotline

AfterLife is a story of a journalist Tony, who learns to cope with loss after the death of his wife, who died of breast cancer. The ascetic episode Tony dealt with another major loss from his father. In the end, Tony is just trying to deal with his feelings for his father’s nurse, Emma. After her father’s death, she refused to meet him because she did not want a serious relationship. All these things lead him to think of committing suicide, but in the meantime, Emma comes and changes his mind. The fans are excited to see what will happen in the third season of the Afterlife.

After Life Season 3: Cast

The expected cast of Afterlife season 3 may include stars like:

  • Ricky Gervais as Tony
  • Penelope Wilton as Anne
  • Ashley Jensen as Emma
  • Tom Baden as Matt
  • Tony Way as Lenny
  • David Earl as Brian
  • Joe Wilkinson as Pat
  • Mandeep Dhillon as Sandy
  • Joe Hartley as June
  • Roisin Conaty as Roxy
  • Diane Morgan as Wood
  • Ethan Lawrence as James
  • Tracy Ann Oberman as Rebecca
  • Wannabe showbiz Kane as Colin Hoult
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