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A Limited Series Regarding Coronavirus Is In The Works At HBO

Here is what we know about brand new series that is under the process of development at the HBO Studios.

Well, well, well, as of right now, there are over 14 dozen vaccines that scientists, as well as virologists, are researching on to fight the fatal Corona Virus. It is an infectious particle that can even transfer from an infected person to a healthy one when they come in contact with one another.

The virus has its deep origins in China and has caused a heck lot of damage in its parent country in Asia though the situation is in control there right now. The United States of America looks like the most endangered place that this virus has grasped.

Here is what the main aim of creating a series based on the fatal Corona Virus is!

People are thriving to find the cure of the Corona Virus through the mode of a vaccine. At this point, there is no vaccine available in the world that might get approval to use on humans publicly.

If You Are Sick or Caring for Someone | CDC
Source: cdc.gov

But now reports have come out that the television giant HBO has grabbed Adam McKay, the man behind the success of Vice as well as succession fame for developing a short television series that is based on a worldwide hunt for the vaccine against this deadly virus.

Here is what the plot of this Corona Virus short series is going to be like!

A news media outlet called Variety has reported that this mini tale is going to tell us a lot about the story of a global vaccine of Corona Virus and is going to throw the entire spotlight on all the firms as well as individuals involved who are linked with sciences along with the challenges faced because of the playing out around politics.

The audience will also be able to witness the international affairs and access as well as safety criteria that have been followed in various countries with a very distinct start in economics.

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