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A Baby Found Lifeless After Seemingly Choking In A Plastic Bag, Texas

Christmas Eve carried misfortune to a family near Channelview.
A three-month-old boy died after supposedly choking in a plastic shopping bag at a family’s home north of Channelview, as per the Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

Deputies were summoned to the residence in the 14800 block of Shottery, near Wallisville and Beltway 8, at approximately 4:30 a.m. Tuesday.

The sheriff stated the baby was in the supervision of his grandmother. 4 other kids, ages fifteen and under, were within the house.

The grandmother reported the sheriff’s office they would put the baby in the living room because the hardwood floors created it harder for the kid to get around. She stated she went to slumber around midnight, but sometimes through the night, a kid moved the baby to another room and onto a bed that was on the floor.

We don’t apprehend accurately who pushed him,” the sheriff stated.

The baby somehow got off the bed and “succeeded to crawl a bit into a plastic bag and likely choke,” the sheriff posted on social media.

It’s so tragic and at Christmas,” one next-door-neighbor stated.

The baby boy was proclaimed lifeless at the commotion.

Sheriff Gonzalez stated the boy’s mother, who operates a night shift at a restaurant, appeared troubled at the news. The sheriff told his office would concede time for the family to mourn, but researchers would advance to operate the case.

The sheriff continued that all of the knowledge they have right now is very introductory, and a thoroughgoing investigation would be taken out.

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