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365 Days: New Petition To Remove The Movie From Netflix

Netflix is ​​home to an incredibly diverse collection of movies, TV shows, and specials, so fans of almost any genre are sure to find something worth watching on stage. But as long as horror, comedy, and drama persist, not all genres are very popular in this type of service. Erotica, for example, is largely absent from Netflix’s offerings, though you can certainly find some scattered movies and shows on how to satisfy those tastes if you’re willing to dive for them.

Why 365 Days: New Petition To Remove From Netflix?

One of those movies, the Polish drama 365 Days (or 365 DNI), premiered earlier last month with massive controversies, claiming that it resembled Fifty Shades of Grey in comparison. And they definitely earned their erotic label due to extreme levels of bareness and realistic-looking orgasm throughout the film.

365 Days | Petition to pull film from Netflix gets 70,000 ...

Sources: radiotimes.com

For those unfamiliar, the image tells the story of a woman who is kidnapped and imprisoned by a man who gives them 365 days to fall in love with her, and while this may sound interesting in theory, they won only 0% in Rotten. Tomatoes when released. In other words, it’s a bad movie, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming popular with a certain demographic.

Other Details:

Now, however, an online petition aims to remove 365 days from Netflix, which some believe causes sexual misconduct to be expressed and glorified on a platform, specifically an On-Stage where such content is regularly accessible by audiences. Younger It currently earns 66,000 signatures and appears to be rising steadily, although it is important to note that these types of requests hardly affect decision-making for companies, so the film has a good service opportunity. Despite all the controversy surrounding the 365 days, it is rumored that a sequel is being prepared, although it is not yet known when we can see it.

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